Following on from Week 1, the team at GuestPost.Directory are continuing our policy of openess by presenting a recap of Week 2 across our site and social media platforms.


Let's start with this week's metrics for Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Our second week analytics show acceptable results with just shy of 300 pageviews and just over 230 unique pageviews. This is nearly half of what our launch week views totalled, but that's expected given hype and advertising to fuel a product launch.

Average session duration was stronger all week until Sunday which saw an 85% decrease which ultimately lowered the overall average from over three minutes to just over one. This week's average session duration was therefore six seconds less than last week. However, some good news though as bounce rate dropped from 52.45% to 50.85% - nearly a 2% decrease for the week. Conversely, exit percentage increased by 3% from 36.69% to 39.6%.

Here are this week's most viewed categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Fashion
  3. Technology
  4. Business
  5. Food

Travel and Fashion still seem to be the dominantly viewed niches as per last week, but this week Technology, Business and Food outperformed the previous runner ups of Lifestyle, Finance and Blogging.

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Search Console

Unfortunately, Search Console doesn't seem to have performed as well.

Perhaps due to upcoming Google Algorithm changes, the site's impressions have been incredibly low at only 47. However, we still matched the same number of organic clicks as last week increasing our CTR from 1.8% to 8.5%. Equally, our average search position has increased substantially from 97.7 to 79.1 suggesting something to be positive about.

This week the landing page scored the most impressions, closely followed by our article detailling how to find the best sites for guest posting.

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Sign Ups

Sign-ups have slowed somewhat with only 21 new blogs added this week which brings our total up to 67. However, we now have over 70 different blog catagories listed which include the likes of cocktails, sales and tough topics like infertility.


Our social media accounts continued to grow well this week. Here's a breakdown of our Twitter and Facebook outreach.


Our Twitter account has grown strongly this week raising weekly impressions from 8,000 to over 17,000. However, our increased traffic has lowered engagement from 4.1 % to 2.2%.

We ended the week on 105 followers, five more than our goal of 100.

Our sign-up announcement tweets continue to be the most popular and we still enjoy showcasing the talent that makes up our directory.

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What Facebook lacked in reach this week it more than recovered in engagement with an average of 33.3%.

We also managed to gain 33 new page likes this week - two more than last week.

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This week was the first week to not be strongly supported by advertising and outreach efforts which can clearly be seen in the decrease in site traffic. However, it's worth noting that while traffic is lower there are still some decent improvements in key metrics such as CTR, bounce rate and social media engagement.

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